Boat Trip

Ben and I spent the weekend in Auckland and were lucky enough to get to go out on my parents boat on Sunday. Amazingly the weather was actually really good! We had a great day and was super relaxing!

Mum also made a delicious 3 course lunch!!It was amazing, as her cooking always it! πŸ™‚

Ben even got to steer the boat! He did really good and didn’t crash it! haha


Use Somebody – Kings of Leon (Pixie Lott Version)

I was surfing the tube and stumbled on this song by accident. I have always loved the original version by Kings of Leon, but Pixie Lott’s voice is amazing and gives the song a really unique sound.

This song actually took me quite a few takes! It was much harder than I thought it would be! Sometimes the songs you think are going to be easy to cover always turn out to be the hardest!

Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

Go Karting With STM

The other weekend Ben and the boys from STM took me and some friends up to Slipway to test out Andre’s KT100 go-kart!

You could totally tell Andre had a bit of experience driving this wee beast!

Taryn getting going!

And then it was my turn! That little thing really has some speed!


Check out the video of us all having a go in the go kart!



There is even a real Army tank at the slip way! Taryn and Pat checking it out.

I was so excited to have my turn driving the go kart πŸ™‚


Not only did I get to go for hoon in the go kart Andre also took me for a burn out in his VE-SS Commodore!


Andre doing skids!



Awesome! Skid On!!

Photos and Video footage thanks to:

Ben Silcock

Girls Week Away – Gold Coast

So its pretty simple really…

6 girls, 7 days, shopping, sun and alcohol. I think we consumed more vodka than Charlie Sheen ever has!

Our view from the apartment into surfers was amazing! Especially at night with all the lights!


While we were away I really feel in love with my Canon 50D camera again! Buying the 50mm lens for it helped! Makes every photo look awesome!


Charlie, Shann and Katie on the beach!


They even light the beach up at night πŸ˜‰ Great for a midnight dip!


The view down the beach and out to the big blue ocean was so beautiful.


This was one of our last nights in Aussie. We went out to Draculars, it was such a wicked night! We all had a great night and the show was hilarious! Big thanks to my cousin Leah who works there and got us half price tickets πŸ™‚


I had the most amazing week! I don’t get to see my Auckland girls and much as I would like to so was great to spend some quality time with them.

Time to start planning the next trip!!

You Make It Real – James Morrison Cover

So I was surfing You Tube and came across “You Make It Real” By James Morrison which is a song I hadn’t heard in ages! After listen to the lyrics I realized it was a really touching song. With all the devastation that has happened in Christchurch with the earthquake I felt it was a really appropriate song to cover and to share some positive words. It gives time to reflect on how important the people we love are. You can replace things and buildings but not our loved ones.

Share this video with someone you love and let them know how special they are toΒ  you – one day they might be gone.

Tiki Taane – Always On My Mind

Tiki Tane has been one of my favorite New Zealand artists ever since I saw him live at Homegrown, Wellington. This particular song “Always On My Mind” is from his first album Past, Present, Future. It’s pretty much the song that made him world famous in New Zealand.

Below is my cover of the song, not in my Vodafone uniform for once! πŸ˜‰

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