About Me

This website is a place where I share my music, beauty and fashion tips, latest styles, personal experiences and my love for life. 

About Me:

The dream of becoming a singer started when I was around the age of 7.

All through my younger years I spent a lot of my spare time at singing lesson, singing in concerts and at recitals. At age 15 I was introduced to Simon Holloway, owner of Beaver Studios in Auckland, NZ. A recording studio that has worked with a lot of New Zealand’s most well-known artists. Simon liked my sound and took me on through his artist development program.

I spent 4 years recording and developing my sound and style at Beaver Studios and had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented musicians, songwriters and producers (Godfrey De Grut, Suzanne Lynch, Mahuia Bridgman Cooper, Sarah McBride). During my time at Beaver Studios I recorded 10 songs, 5 of which were produced to radio level.

Throughout the 4 years I was at Beaver Studios 4 of the songs were submitted to New Zealand On Air (NZOA) in an attempt to get funding to release the songs. While I was unsuccessful in getting funding, my songs ranged from the Top 2 to the Top 50 each year in the selection process. As a teenager this was a huge success for me as there are around 300 applicants at each submission.

At age 18 I moved to Wellington to go to University and my singing career really took a back seat for a while. After having a few years away from singing I decided to get back into it more seriously at age 20. I started recording covers and posting them on my You Tube Channel. That prompted me to set up a Facebook Page and a Blog to have a place I could interact with fans and share my love for music. Recently my blog has also developed into a platform for me to also share my other interests, such as fashion, beauty as we as some personal experiences with my followers.

Enjoy my blog, there is something for everyone on here. Also ‘like’ my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter to follow me on my journey, as I work towards fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional singer.


3 Comments on “About Me

  1. i know this has nothing to do with your singing career, but i absolutely love your hair! i am thinking of getting a similar cut, and i also have curly hair. i was just wondering what you do to style it?

    • Hi, sorry I have taken so long to reply to your comment. I will do a blog post very soon about what I do to style it and I will share the products I use also. Keep an eye out for the post 🙂 … Thanks for checking out my blog xx

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