Volunteering @ The SPCA

One of my goals this year was to do some volunteer work and I decided to do it at the SPCA because I feel really strongly about humane treatment of animals. I have had quite a few of you ask me questions about what is involved with volunteering at the SPCA so I thought I would blog about it!

SPCA Voluteer

Firstly I currently volunteer in the Cat Ward and it is only for a 1/2 day, once a month. Parts of the job are a bit stinky but working with the cats and kittens make up for it!

Basically the day consists of:

  • Clean the cages
  • Provide the cats/kittens with clean kitty litter, water and food
  • Washing food bowls & litter trays
  • Re-stocking food
  • Mopping floors

It is hard work, but I find it really enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong some of it is sad, there are some really old and sick cats, but it’s nice knowing you are helping to give them the best environment possible.

I would really recommend volunteering to people that have an interest in animals, being able to get involved is really rewarding, and it’s nice to know you are helping to make a difference, even if its only small.

SPCA Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering at the SPCA just head to their website and you can apply for different roles depending on what is available. Unfortunately I can’t take photos of the animals that are at the SPCA, so please enjoy these pictures of cute cats I got off the internet 🙂

PS – If you have any other questions or want to talk to me about what it is like volunteering at the SPCA, please write to me on my Facebook Page.

Cute Kittens Cute Kittens Cute Kittens Cute Kittens


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